How many times have I heard this: “If I am good at my instrument and try hard, someone will come to appreciate my efforts and make me famous.” Hmmm… sounds to me something like “and the princess waited and waited, in her magnificent castle. That someone would come along to awaken her from her enchanted slumber with a sincere and heartfelt kiss on the forehead. Only the purest affection, could break the curse of her music career. Well, the flowers have faded, the snow has melted, the trees changed colour again and again… but no one has yet answered her call to be found.” Pretty sad business, isn’t it? Don’t worry, the story is made up, but there are enough vocalists, performers and musicians in general who think and act in this direction. Which I think is a shame, because, with all due respect, I cannot imagine that someone else would put more energy, vigour and resources into a certain vision and mission than one would do myself. Or in other words: why should anyone else believe in something so personal, soulful, almost magical, more than themselves? Well, yes, the answer is very easy, if you think about it with a clear head and carefully. You develop a certain profitable interest. You would also like a large, juicy piece of cake. You want to go to the party without worrying about the motto or the entertainment. Therefore. Something like that can also be called an investment. Therefore, some people invest in stocks, gold, bitcoins, Lego bricks, comic books, spirits, postage stamps, renewable energy, land somewhere in the galaxy, or any number of other things. The list is extensive and continues to rise. But you can also invest in music. You could do that long before funds for the licensing of songs were created and this became a business model. In the past, you simply invested in an artist build-up. It was produced, sales and advertising made, contacts maintained, and concerts negotiated and organized. So the tasks have essentially hardly changed, but the possibilities have. They are now very diverse for everyone who wants to discover and build up themselves. Without waiting times and the influence of chance. Perhaps with more effort, but also with more freedom to make decisions and maximize the results. So, the journey to the musical profession only begins after you have got to know yourself well as an instrument to develop and refine your creativity and technique. Because without music skills, there is no music career. This is just the beginning, the basis, the prerequisite on which you can build directly and ideally immediately. That’s the thing if the princess had only known that she wasn’t actually cursed and could just have set an alarm clock! At a time when you can, first of all, ask the Internet more or less thoroughly for orientation and suggestions on any occasion, it doesn’t seem to me to be that hard to find out more about certain topics and processes if you are ready. Or to get qualified help to learn something new and implement it efficiently. Because anyone who wants to undertake a certain activity seriously and in a result-oriented manner should rather first know how it works and what processes are behind it. In line with progress and the spirit of the times, of course. How was it again From nothing comes nothing. No growth without investment. If you don’t sow anything, you won’t reap anything. And if you have neither knowledge nor control, you cannot change anything. What do you think? Would you rather be discovered or are you already building something yourself? I would be very happy to hear or read from you. You are welcome to send me your thoughts on this via email or social media. And if you like, if you haven’t already, let’s connect right away, a nice new friendship could soon develop.

In intensity, yours INTENSIA

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