When it comes to small, sweet gimmicks that encourage creativity and art, I can hardly control myself. In the meantime, around 25 apps that are remotely related to music have accumulated on my smartphone. With all the love for progress, a pinch of minimalism can’t damage, especially with devices that do not provide additional storage space. So I tested what it took – to tell you in a targeted manner what Intense conceives. Apart from the apps with which you can take notes and record voice memos, which I use regularly to record text ideas and melodies, I think a metronome should not be missing on any music-savvy cell phone these days. Especially when the application can be set up easily and clearly (ProMetronome, Appstore). I found a few delicacies in my collection, especially for vocalists. Singing is a lot about imagination and mental visualization. What would you say if I told you that there is a chic and simple program that shows you in real-time what sounds you are making and visualizes them? I think that’s great, especially at the beginning of your vocal discovery journey, it is a great way to get a little sound orientation (Singscope, Appstore). Should you ever want a simple and engaging way to hear and reproduce sounds, to train your hearing, I have something for you too: a mini piano that shows you the note you are currently playing and you can listen for as long as you like (Virtuoso, Appstore) as well as another application that plays notes on the piano for you to guess and then be happy when you have recognized them (Interval ET, Appstore). Another pretty cool thing is when you sing something and get notes and chords for the guitar and piano displayed. All of this can be implemented easily with the Chord Al app from the app store. Practical for improvising or songwriting, I also find applications that suggest chord progressions or those that allow you to test different instruments. My favourites: Autochords, Chords Gen and Harmony Improviser are all available in the app store. Well and if one day, unfortunately, the best thing to do is to calm down your voices, the Text to Speech app from the app store might be a little relief, so you can save small texts or type them in directly, which can then be read out if necessary. I am sure you have heard of GarageBand before, but I’ll mention it again just to be safe. In my opinion, this programme provides excellent options to sample music creation and to produce music on your phone. If you feel like it, locate GarageBand-produced songs on the net, and you might be amazed at the songs you find that you have already heard. Another app worth mentioning is Writr. It displays a wide variety of rhymes and sound-like words right away so that you can best pack your message when composing your text and setting it to music. Those were my favourites for the trouser pocket or for the small handbag, which I was happy to try out personally and without any advantage from the supplier. And yes, of course, a powerful power bank is also part of it, because you never know. I’m not the risk taker anyway and I don’t go out of the house if the battery isn’t at least 85% charged. But now to yourself: have you ever looked for apps for making music or do you already use some? I would be very happy to hear or read from you. You are welcome to send me your thoughts on this via email or social media. And if you like, if you haven’t already, let’s connect right away, a nice new friendship could soon develop.

In intensity, yours INTENSIA

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