Of course everyone should eat what they want and like. I’ve always had a thing for plant-based foods. Even at a young age, I didn’t really enjoy eating meat or drinking milk, which, according to the stories, was quite a thing. It’s just unfavorable that I wasn’t allowed to make a direct decision myself at the time. The energy and persuasive work invested in this could certainly have been brought elsewhere. And yes, I wanted to be a vocalist even back then, so you can certainly imagine the volume and persistence with which I communicated. The bigger I got, the more clearly I knew that I would rather pursue different eating habits. I didn’t really like it and it came from a living being with a consciousness, which has always pretty much bothered me anyway. At this point you might want to ask me what about the great outdoors when the animals don’t get their food from the supermarket. Is that okay with me? So, in my ideal dream world, where there are also real unicorns and pre-cooked pasta grows in the trees, they wouldn’t eat each other either. But in our reality, they don’t have credit cards or super functional kitchens and above all, they are -with all love and appreciation- equipped by Mother Nature just a little differently. Besides, there are enough healthy and delicious alternatives, whether bought or home-made. When cooking you can also wonderfully switch off or give free rein to creativity, that’s another passion of mine that I love to share with you, feel free to ask me if you want to try something new 🙂 I sing better than I cook, but so far everyone has always eaten up with relish. So I was also still so free and prepared a small cheerful gift ideas line for homorvolle music affine gourmets called“I SING BETTER THAN I COOK” which you can view here to it, let’s together erwe cken and spread the senses on several levels! Even before meat substitute products had happily found their popularity on the market, I began to imagine and prepare simple meatless dishes. My first, somewhat more elaborate vegetarian creation was a mashed potato casserole with coconut milk and margarine, filled with sauteed spinach and a crispy breadcrumb breading on top. At that time the term vegan was not so well known and to be honest, I also didn’t know exactly how dairy products are made. The internet was actually pretty much uncharted territory. Oh yes, and with the best will in the world, I can’t really remember someone at school explaining to me how milk is made or how industrial animal husbandry works. And what she does with the environment. Really inconvenient that cell phones still weighed 450 grams and you couldn’t surf the web so satisfactorily with them. As soon as I was able to assess these relationships better for myself and noticed how much joy this inventive diet gave me, I began to replace the few animal products that I had now and then consumed. And in the meantime I’ve noticed more and more often that many new alternatives have come on the market that have been labeled herbal. Yeah what a nice feeling And the range is growing day by day. Whether because of the animals, for self-protection because of industrial breeding and processing, for health reasons, because of the environment or for ethical or moral convictions: I think it’s great when someone is open to new things. I have been 100% plant powered for a number of years. And totally in tune with me. Oh yes, and now and then I am looking for people who are keen to experiment and who submit to my cooking experiments. What about you? Have you ever tasted meat or milk substitute products? Could you imagine replacing one or the other from your menu? I would be very happy to hear or read from you. You are welcome to send me your thoughts on this via email or social media. And if you like, if you haven’t already, let’s connect right away, a nice new friendship could soon develop.

In intensity, yours INTENSIA

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