So I don’t know how you feel about it, but without a voice, I certainly feel exposed. A little empty, fragile, already a little depressed. I once had a pretty bad cough throughout the winter. I had trouble pronouncing sentences for about six weeks as a result of it. At some point, I even downloaded an app that pronounces simple sentences for me, because, of course, absolute calmness was the order of the day and there were already 3 notepads and 2 pencils on it. Well, that’s the thing, when you are under vocal withdrawal, but otherwise, it’s pretty much that. Sure, I slept in between – when I didn’t have to cough! – but when I was awake and for once not super exhausted, I would have loved to pursue my calling, at least as a co-pilot, with the great vocalists and songwriters with me to discover and develop their voice and creativity. But I could pronounce a word, absolutely nothing. Well, in that case, mental training or ear training is also a good thing and almost works on its own. “Just” listen carefully. Take a moment to consider how you would create specific sounds. I eventually learned that whistling didn’t make me cough depending on the situation, how much air was present, and how I felt. Great, I trilled all sorts of things to myself and came up with some melodies to communicate with my surroundings, that worked well, but still felt pretty tragicomic. What can you do to keep your voice fit or to get fitter faster? There is no such thing as a completely universal answer because every person and therefore sound body is different. But there are some things you could absolutely test. And maybe there is something for you too. So that as a vocalist it is best to eat healthily and not smoke at all, I probably don’t need to tell you. I think that would ideally be the first thing you could try to clear out of the way. Alcohol is one of those things, because it removes moisture from the body, among other things. We are primarily made of water, and singing softly and sonorously requires some of it. Now, the answer is no! You don’t need to drink alcohol and smoke to have a rocking voice. If this interests you, we would be thrilled to discuss this another time. But please make a note in advance: that’s not the secret behind the appealing, crunchy sound. In addition, it is not advisable to whisper or breathe, because it creates pressure. If you feel a lump in your throat, it would be better to have a drink or a tasty piece of candy. I like sugar-free things best, not so sticky and, best of all, it’s fruity. Or plant-based, creamy chocolate. It applies as smoothly as a remedy that is not just for the soul. By the way, the mock cough, which some use as a rhetorical device at the beginning of a conversation, is not so great either, because it puts a lot of strain on the vocal apparatus. You can periodically gargle, sip unsweetened herbal teas flavoured with chamomile, sage, cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, or turmeric, take facial steam baths with the appropriate essential oils, and use an infrared lamp to relax your throat and mind. A bubble hose can also be very nice when it comes to tension or inflammation. Would you like to try some of them? You may be wondering what a bubble tube is or how it can bring some relief. Then please let me know, I would be very happy to hear or read from you. You are welcome to send me your thoughts on this via email or social media. And if you like, if you haven’t already, let’s connect right away, a nice new friendship could soon develop.

In intensity, yours INTENSIA

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